Recipient Rights

Recipient Rights



RR-100 Definitions  
RR-101 Recipient Rights

RR-101.1 Recipient Rights Complaint Process

RR-101.2 Appeals Process

RR-101.3 Establishment of Customer Relations and Customer Service Representatives

RR-101.4 Recipient Rights for Substance Use Services

RR-102 Recipient Rights  
RR-103 Guarantee of Rights  
RR-104 Notification of Rights  
RR-105 Remediating Rights Violations  
RR-106 Use of Mediation  
RR-107 Appeals and Grievances

RR-107.1 Appeals and Grievances

RR-107.2 Customer Service Issues

RR-108 Rights of Consumer Family Members  
RR-109 Dignity and Respect RR-109.1 Dignity and Respect
RR-110 Admission to Services

RR-110.1 Admission to Service

RR-110.2 Consumer Expression

RR-110.3 Sterilization, Abortion, Contraception

RR-111 Informed Consent

RR-111.1 Informed Consent

RR-112 Rights of Minors RR-112.1 Rights of Minors
RR-113 Refusal of Treatment RR-113.1 Refusal of Treatment
RR-114 Change in Type of Treatment RR-114.1 Change in Type of Treatment
RR-115 Comprehensive Examinations RR-115.1 Comprehensive Examinations
RR-116 Behavior Treatment RR-116.1 Behavior Management
RR-117 Advance Directives RR-117.1 Advance Directives
RR-118 Nondiscrimination in Service Provision  
RR-119 Services Suited to Condition RR-119.1 Services Suited to Condition
RR-120 Research  
RR-121 Freedom of Movement RR-121.1 Freedom of Movement
RR-122 Communication and Visits RR-122.1 Residential Services: Communication by Mail, Telephone, Visits, and Access to Media
RR-123 Access to Entertainment RR-123.1 Residential Services: Personal Property
RR-124 Property and Funds RR-124.1 Residential Serviceds: Consumer Access to Money
RR-125 Resident Labor RR-125.1 Residential Services: Resident Labor
RR-126 Treatment by Spiritual Means RR-126.1 Treatment by Spiritual Means and Religious Freedom
RR-127 Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio-recording, Video-recording, and Use of One-Way Glass RR-127.1 Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio Recording, Video Recording, and Use of One-Way Glass
RR-128 Restraint and Seclusion  
RR-129 Services for Consumer Affected by Physical Barriers  

RR-130 Confidentiality and Disclosure

RR-131 Provider of Choice

RR-130.1 Confidentiality and Disclosure

RR-130.2 Customer Access to Records

RR-130.3 Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)

RR-133 Information Retention and Disposal  
RR-135 Unususal Incident Reports RR-135.1 Unusual Incident Reports
RR-136 Abuse and Neglect RR-136.1 Abuse and Neglect
RR-137 Clozaril  
RR-138 Consumer Advisory Committee  
RR-990 Stakeholder Participation RR-990.1 Stakeholder Participation
RR-991 Consumerism  
RR-992 Cultural Diversity RR-992.1 Cultural Diversity
RR-993 Limited English Proficiency