Human Resources

Human Resources



HR-500 Definitions  
HR-501 Employment At Will  
HR-510 General Environment

HR-510.1 Dress Code

HR-510.2 Mail

HR-511 Professional Conduct HR-511.1 Code of Ethics
HR-512 Workplace Safety and Security

HR-512.1 Staff Safety

HR-512.2 Workplace Safety - Emergency Management

HR-512.3 Safety Management Program

HR-512.4 Security Management Plan

HR-512.5 Hazardous Materials Management Plan

HR-512.7 Life Safety (Fire) Management Program

HR-513 Universal Precautions/Infection Control HR-513.1 Infection Control
HR-514 Drug Free/Tobacco Free Workplace HR-514.1 Drug Free Work Place
HR-515 Sexual Harassment  
HR-516 Managing Staff Requests  
HR-517 Agency Hours of Operation

HR-517.1 Agency Hours of Operation

HR-517.2 Teleworking and Remote Work

HR-518 Media Relations

HR 518.1 Media Relations

HR 518.2 Social Media

HR-519 Conflict of Interest  
HR-520 Employment

HR-520.1 Temporary Employees, Volunteers, and Student Interns

HR-520.2 Contract Employees

HR-520.3 Establishing Initial Pay & Terms of Employment

HR-520.5 Vacancies and Transfers

HR-521 Equal Opportunity Employment

HR-521.1 Application for Employment

HR-523 Competency and Performance

HR-523.1 Competency Standards

HR-523.2 Competency & Privileging - Corrective Action/Appeal

HR-523.3 Credentialing Process

HR-524 Supervision HR-524.1 Supervision - Clinical
HR-530 Overview of Fringe Benefits  
HR-532 PTO and Holiday Pay  
HR-533 Absence from Work  
HR-534 Leaves of Absence HR-534.1 Jury Duty
HR-540 Organizational Development HR-540.1 Staff Development and Training
HR-542 Scope of Practice  
HR-560 Employee Records

HR-560.1 Employee Records and Access

HR-560.2 References for Current and Former Employees

HR-560.3 Background Checks

HR-570 Disciplinary Process HR-570.1 Grievance
HR-580 Severance of the Employee Relationship HR-580.1 Termination Protocol
HR-590 Social Security  
HR-591 On-Call Crisis Emergency Coverage