F-200 Method of Accounting

F-200.1 Method of Accounting

F-200.2 Verification of the Delivery of Medicaid Services

F-210 Budget  

F-220 Assets

F-221 Internal Service Fund-Risk Corridor Financing

F-220.1 Fixed Assets Inventory

F-220.3 Fixed Assets Maintenance Agreements

F-220.4 Fixed Assets Disposal

F-220.5 Fixed Assets Equipment Donations

F-222 Accounts Receivable and Delinquent Accounts

F-222.1 Accounts Receivable

F-222.2 Delinquent Accounts

F-223 Schedule of Rates  
F-224 Reimbursement for Financial Liability F-224.1 Ability to Pay
F-225 Cash

F-225.1 Cash Receipts

F-225.2 Cash Accounts

F-225.3 Petty Cash

F-225.4 Disbursements from Bank Accounts

F-225.5 Credit Card Receipts

F-226 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

F-227 Equipment Loaned and/or Issued

F-227.1 Equipment - Issued to Employees

F-227.2 Equipment Loaned to Governmental  Agencies or Non Profit Organizations

F-228 Reserve Account  
F-229 Insurance

F-229.1 Accounts Payable

F-229.2 Payroll

F-229.3 Debts

F-230 Liabilities


F-231 Board Member Per Diems F-231.1 Board Per Diem & Other Expense Payments
F-232 Employee Expense F-232.1 Mileage Reimbursement
F-233 Investments  
F-234 Cash Donations F-234.1 Cash Donations
F-235 Security and Control F-235.1 Security and Control
F-236 Agency Vehicles F-236.1 Agency Vehicle Sign-Out
F-238 Allowable Costs  
F-239 Advanced Payments and Reimbursements  
F-240 Contracts F-240.1 Contracts & Provider Management
F-241 Payback Agreements F-241.1 Payback Agreements
F-249 Credit Card  
F-250 Purchasing

F-250.1 Expenditure Authority

F-250.2 Expenditure Authority Procurement Procedure

F-251 Payment for Referrals  
F-252 Purchasing Medications  

F-253 Disposal of Equipment and Property & Purchased Using Federal Funds

F-254 Allowability  
F-255 Procurement  
F-256 Advance Payments  
F-259 Representative Payee F-259.1 Representative Payee
F-260 Leases  
F-281 Records Retention F-281.1 Documentation- Contents of Clinical Records
F-282 Information Systems

F-282.1 Data and Information - General Systems Standards

F-282.2 Data and Information - Consumer Records

F-282.3 Data and Information - Human Resources

F-282.4 Data and Information - Fiscal Resources

F-282.6 Data and Information - Consumer and Community Outcomes

F-282.7 Data and Information - Support and Service

F-282.8 Data and Information - Reporting

F-282.9 Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

F-282.10 Contingency Plan/Systems Data Backup

F-282.11 Facilities Security Plan

F-282.12 Security Management

F-282.14 Data and Information - Program Evaluation

F-282.16 Security Training

F-290 External Audit

F-290.1 Audit - External

F-290.2 Reports

F-290.3 State Reports

F-300 Retirement Plan Investment