Person Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning

Course: Participants will gain a clear understanding of person-centered planning and how to use it to assist consumers in attaining their goals.

Location:   Virtual

Registration: Email Please include your full name, phone number, email, and employer. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.


10 am – 11:30 am

6/10/24 (virtual)

7/10/24 (virtual)

8/14/24 (virtual)

9/4/24 (virtual)


Please see below for some important changes to our training registration process at The Right Door.

  1. For your convenience, you can email your training registration requests directly to the Training Office: Include the following information about your staff member: name, date of hire, email address, phone number.
  2. Your registered staff and your facility will receive a reminder email one week prior to each training.
  3. If your staff is unable to attend a training, please email no later than 5 pm the day before the training.
  4. In order to increase our training capacity and to offer more opportunities for your facility to satisfy training requirements, our agency has instituted a fee for no-shows. Beginning March 1, 2024, if a staff member is registered for a training and does not attend, and if no contact is made with our Training Office, a $10 no-show fee will be charged to your facility, to be paid before any additional training registration can occur.

Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) Training: Training on the consumer’s Individual Plan of Service must occur with each care provider and recorded on the IPOS Training Log. Additional training must be completed and recorded each time the IPOS is updated. A copy of the IPOS Training Log should be kept with the consumer’s records at the location of service and a copy should be sent to The Right Door Medical Records Dept.

IPOS Training Log