Self-Directed Services

Self-Directed Services

--Self-Directed Services Brochure      SDS Brochure PDF 

--Self-Directed Services Handbook     Handbook SDS PDF

--Frequently Asked Questions            SDS-FAQ PDF


Provider Training

--SD provider training grid           SDS Training Grid FY24 PDF

--IPOS training documentation    The Right Door IPOS Training Log Template PDF

--First Aid training and quiz         Basic First Aid Training SD PDF         Basic First Aid Quiz

--Recipient Rights Training


In-person at the Ionia office 1p-4p





Virtual via Teams 1p-4p





To register: Email Please
include your full name, phone number, email, and employer. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

--Recipient Rights Refresher Course

                             **Prior to doing the online Refresher Course, you must have completed the initial rights training class.

Renewal Classes will only be done online.

You may watch this Powerpoint: Recipient
Rights Refresher Course
 and take this Quiz

The email address you enter at the beginning of the quiz will be the email address used to email your certificate of completion.

If you do not pass with an 80% or higher the Recipient Rights Officer will coordinate with you at that same email address to go through the classroom training.

If you are unable to open the Powerpoint slide show, you can view it as a PDF by clicking here.

--Infection Control training                 Improving MI Pratices - Infection Control for Direct Care Workers

--Emergency Procedures training        Improving MI Pratices - Emergency Preparedness



--back-up plan               Back Up Plan Template PDF

--progress notes            Self-Directed Progress Note PDF



--MI ARC                                                     ARC MI

--Center for Self-Determination                 Center for Self-Determination - Home

--FLSA Digital Reference Guide                  Digital Reference Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act (

--Sample Job Descriptions                          Sample Job Description Template PDF


--Hiring Sites                                              Hiring Sites PDF