Treatment Foster Parent(s)

Treatment Foster Parent(s)

Seeking individuals and families with interest in caring for children in their community. Temporarily fostering a child in need is a generous way to give back to the community and make a positive difference in a child’s life. The Right Door for Hope Recovery and Wellness (TRD) Treatment Foster Care Program offers that opportunity. 


Treatment foster parent(s) provide children with the love, guidance, discipline, and safety within a home environment. Treatment foster parents work with TRD to address a child’s individual needs until they can return to their own families. Treatment foster parents may also provide short term respite to children with caretakers in need of a break.



  • Participating with a child’s mental health treatment.
  • Maintaining a record for children of their time in care.
  • Providing consistent and realistic discipline and guidance. 
  • Being a part of a treatment team that monitors ongoing needs and progress on goals.



  • Ability to accept a child into your home as well as return them home.
  • Experience with children, child care, parenting, or supervision. 
  • Ability to work as a team member with The Right Door for Hope, Recovery and Wellness, and other agency’s staff
  • Adequate space in home to provide a child with their own private space.
  • Adequate income for support of own family.



  • Child specific training as needed.
  • Reimburses foster parents for estimated cost of care, paid on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Access to 24-hour emergency support for foster children.
  • Personalized support from licensing through placement.


Job Type: Contract            Rate: Reimbursement Rates in further detail at time of interest


Please submit interest to or to The Right Door for Hope, Recovery, and Wellness, Attn: Human Resources, 375 Apple Tree Drive, Ionia, MI 48846.