Recipient Rights Training & Refresher Course

This training provides information on the essential rights of recipients of community mental health services, including abuse and neglect; confidentiality; informed consent; respect and dignity; restraint; seclusion; and incident-report writing.

Recipient Rights training is available in Ionia.


  • Thursday, July 7th from 1-4pm, in person @ Ionia office
  • Tuesday, August 2nd 1-4pm, in person @ Ionia Office
  • Wednesday, August 17th 5-8pm, via Zoom
  • Thursday, September 8th 1-4pm, in person @ Ionia office


*In-Person Initial Training - Located at the Ionia office*

*ZOOM option available. Please contact Clerical at (616) 527-1790 or email Jennie Morgan to notify them you would like to use this option.*


**Prior to doing the online Refresher Course, you must have completed the initial rights training class.

  • Renewal Classes will only be done online.
  • You may watch this Powerpoint: Recipient Rights Refresher Course and take this Quiz
    • Instructions for the Online Course
    1. The email address you enter at the beginning of the quiz will be the email address used to email your certificate of completion.
    2. If you do not pass with an 80% or higher the Recipient Rights Officer will coordinate with you at that same email address to go through the classroom training.
    3. If you are unable to open the Powerpoint slide show, you can view it as a .pdf by clicking here.