Mental Health First Aid

What is “mental illness”?  Would you be able to recognize if someone was struggling with mental health issues?  Furthermore, would you feel confident in knowing how to intervene and get them connected with a professional who could help them?  Unfortunately, mental illness has a negative stigma attached to it.  With stigma comes misunderstanding, lack of education and an overall avoidance of the topic. What many people don’t realize is that mental health issues are very prevalent and can affect anyone – no matter your age, gender, race, socioeconomic status or background. Just as someone with a medical condition like diabetes needs intervention and ongoing medical care to manage their disease, someone with mental health issues needs treatment in order to manage their symptoms and move toward recovery. 

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence based inter-nationally recognized training that can help participants expand their knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental illnesses and addictions. It also helps participants identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental illness or addiction.  Mental Health First Aid works to increase participant’s confidence in and likelihood to help an individual in distress as well as show increased mental wellness themselves.

One of the main objectives of Mental Health First Aid is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.  When people are able to open their minds and hearts to what individuals with mental illness or addiction struggle with on a daily basis they tend to in turn become more open and willing to help.  Early intervention is so important when it comes to assisting individuals with mental health issues.  It can help a person recognize a problem within themselves more quickly which can prompt them to seek professional help at an earlier stage of their illness.  Ultimately, this could save someone’s life and at the very least increase the likelihood that they start down a path toward mental wellness.

If you are interested in attending Mental Health First Aid, Ionia County Community Mental Health will be hosting a two-day training three times a year.  Contact The Right Door for Hope, Recovery, and Wellness at 616-527-1790 if you would like more information and for upcoming training dates.

If you or someone you know is currently struggling with mental health issues, we would be happy to help you get connected with appropriate supports and services.  Please call The Right Door for Hope, Recovery, and Wellness if you would like more information or would like to request services at 616-527-1790.  In case of a mental health crisis please call our 24-hour toll-free crisis line at 1-888-527-1790.

Date: Future Dates to be Determined

Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Location: The Right Door for Hope, Recovery and Wellness in Ionia

Cost: $85 (Fee is waived for Ionia County residents and those who work in Ionia County)

Participants must pre-register by calling The Right Door for Hope, Recovery, and Wellness at 616-527-1790.