Recipient Rights

It's good to know about your RIGHTS.

When you receive mental health services, Michigan's Mental Health Code and other laws safeguard your rights. Staff are responsible to protect your rights when they provide services to you. You are encouraged to ask questions about your treatment and about your rights and to make sugguestions that you feel are in your best interest. If you believe your rights have been violated, you should inform a Rights Officer/Advisor.

If you have any questions about your rights when receiving mental health services, I can help.

Elizabeth Thelen, Recipient Rights Officer

Toll-Free: 1.888.527.1790

To file a Recipient Rights Complaint click here. PRINT THIS PAGE AND SUBMIT TO Elizabeth Thelen, Recipient Rights Officer.

To listen to "Your Rights" when receiving mental health services on podcast click here.

Recipient Rights Booklet:

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To fill out a Medicaid Fair Hearing Request Form click here.


Recipient Rights
Policies Procedures
RR-100 Definitions  
RR-101 Recipient Rights

RR-101.1 Recipient Rights Complaint Process

RR-101.2 Appeals Process

RR-101.3 Establishment of Customer Relations and Customer Service Representatives

RR-102 Recipient/Consumer Rights  
RR-103 Guarantee of Rights  
RR-104 Notification of Rights  
RR-105 Remediating Rights Violations  
RR-106 Use of Mediation  
RR-107 Appeals and Grievances

RR-107.1 Appeals and Grievances

RR-107.2 Customer Service Issues

RR-108 Rights of Consumer Family Members  
RR-109 Dignity and Respect RR-109.1 Dignity and Respect
RR-110 Admission to Services

RR-110.1 Admission to Service

RR-110.2 Consumer Expression

RR-110.3 Sterilization, Abortion, Contraception

RR-111 Informed Consent

RR-111.1 Informed Consent

RR-112 Rights of Minors RR-112.1 Rights of Minors
RR-113 Refusal of Treatment RR-113.1 Refusal of Treatment
RR-114 Change in Type of Treatment RR-114.1 Change in Type of Treatment
RR-115 Comprehensive Examinations RR-115.1 Comprehensive Examinations
RR-116 Behavior Treatment RR-116.1 Behavior Management
RR-117 Advance Directives RR-117.1 Advance Directives
RR-118 Nondiscrimination in Service Provision  
RR-119 Services Suited to Condition RR-119.1 Services Suited to Condition
RR-120 Research  
RR-121 Freedom of Movement RR-121.1 Freedom of Movement
RR-122 Communication and Visits RR-122.1 Residential Services: Communication by Mail, Telephone, Visits, and Access to Media
RR-123 Access to Entertainment RR-123.1 Residential Services: Personal Property
RR-124 Property and Funds RR-124.1 Residential Serviceds: Consumer Access to Money
RR-125 Resident Labor RR-125.1 Residential Services: Resident Labor
RR-126 Treatment by Spiritual Means RR-126.1 Treatment by Spiritual Means and Religious Freedom
RR-127 Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio-recording, Video-recording, and Use of One-Way Glass RR-127.1 Fingerprinting, Photographing, Audio Recording, Video Recording, and Use of One-Way Glass
RR-128 Restraint and Seclusion  
RR-129 Services for Consumer Affected by Physical Barriers  
RR-130 Confidentiality and Disclosure RR-130.1 Confidentiality and Disclosure

RR-131.1 Consumer Access to Clinical Records

RR-131.2 Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)

  RR-132.1 Removal of Records
RR-133 Information Retention and Disposal  
RR-135 Unususal Incident Reports RR-135.1 Unusual Incident Reports
RR-136 Abuse and Neglect RR-136.1 Abuse and Neglect
RR-137 Clozaril  
RR-138 Consumer Advisory Council  
RR-990 Stakeholder Participation RR-990.1 Stakeholder Participation
RR-991 Consumerism  
RR-992 Cultural Diversity RR-992.1 Cultural Diversity
RR-993 Limited English Proficiency