Our Mission/Vision/Values


Our Mission: The Right Door’s mission is to be the premier behavioral health care provider in our service area.


Our Vision: Our Vision is to be an integral and valued partner in a community committed to the wellness and full participation of its citizens.


Our Values: We value and pledge to provide quality accessible care, healing, wellness and recovery throughout our service area. We will provide solutions, education and alternatives to give you hope for today, tomorrow and in the future.


We are committed to treating the whole person: body, mind and spirit.



We possess a strong sense of urgency and are committed to providing an immediate response to the needs of the community.


Best Value

We are committed to providing the highest quality services and programs in the most effective and efficient manner.


Respect and Dignity in a Culture of Gentleness

Every person shall be treated with respect and dignity in a gentle, welcoming and listening environment.



The Right Door promises to foster recovery by instilling hope, empowering individuals to reach their potential, and providing support and education.



We are committed to being trauma informed and responsive.



  1. ACCESSIBILITY: Immediacy of Service.

70% of persons requesting services receive a face-to-face service on the same calendar day as the request.


  1. EFFECTIVENESS:  Services provide for positive consumer outcomes.

           85% of persons served show improvement within 6 months of service from the start of services.


3) EFFICIENCY:  Services are cost-efficient and competitive.

Cost per case for all populations is at or below regional, affiliation and state averages. 


  1. SATISFACTION: Services meet needs & expectations.
  1. 85% of persons served report satisfaction on the uSPEQ survey “overall satisfaction” section.
  2. 85% of stakeholders report services provided met their needs and expectations.


  1. QUALITY: Services promote wellness.

           85% of people served receive an annual health screening.